Case Study: B2B SaaS 295% Traffic Recovery and Growth

Case Study: B2B SaaS 295% Traffic Recovery and Growth

We partnered with a B2B SaaS company to help them recover from a significant over 50% drop in organic traffic. The company needed a strategic approach to regain their online visibility and drive more organic traffic.

Our comprehensive strategy, including a detailed topical map, provided the solution they needed.

B2B SaaS Provider Background

Our client, a leading B2B SaaS provider, faced challenges with declining organic traffic and search engine rankings. They approached us in need of a robust strategy to enhance their online presence. We began by understanding their brand, business goals, target audience, and existing content.

We focused on:

  • Brand: A reputable B2B SaaS provider with a range of innovative software solutions.
  • Business Goals: Increase online visibility, attract more leads, and boost sales.
  • Target Audience: Businesses and enterprises seeking efficient software solutions.

With these insights, we developed a comprehensive plan to address their needs.

Discovery and Strategy Development

To create an effective strategy, we conducted in-depth discussions with the client to fully understand their brand values, market positioning, and customer base. This understanding was crucial for developing a topical map that would guide the restructuring of their content and internal links.

The topical map we designed focused on key topics relevant to their industry, identifying gaps and opportunities for improvement. This map served as a strategic roadmap for content creation, optimization, and internal linking.

Implementation and Growth

We implemented a structured approach to help the B2B SaaS company recover their organic traffic. Here’s how we did it:

Phase 1: Initial Brand Analysis

We began by thoroughly analyzing the client’s brand, customer base, current content, internal linking, and site structure. This phase was essential to identify the core topics and areas that needed improvement. We also analyzed the industry and competitor solutions to ensure no topical gaps against the competition.

  • Focus: Understanding brand, industry, target customers, current content, internal linking, and site structure.
  • Outcome: Identified the core topics that the client needed to cover for complete topical coverage to establish topical authority.

Phase 2: Topical Map Creation

Using the insights from our analysis, we created a detailed topical map with our expert insights. This map highlighted core topics and provided a clear strategy for restructuring content following the best topical hierarchy for their industry and brand.

  • Focus: Core topics and strategic content restructuring.
  • Outcome: Laid out plans for improved internal linking, optimized content, and targeted new content creation.

Phase 3: In-Depth Content and Internal Links Audit

We conducted a comprehensive audit of the existing content and internal links to create a blueprint for action. This included decisions on whether existing content should be optimized, de-optimized, 301 redirected, and the order of internal links with appropriate anchor texts.

  • Focus: Enhancing current content, refining internal links, and ensuring SEO best practices.
  • Outcome: Enhanced content quality, stronger internal linking, and improved search engine rankings.

Organic Traffic Surge

The results were remarkable. After implementing the new topical map, along with the content and internal link recommendations, the client saw a significant increase in organic traffic.

B2B SaaS Topical Map and Organic Traffic Growth All-time Chart

Their traffic stabilized and started to climb steadily. The strategic growth also led to a substantial increase in user engagement and conversions on the site and content.

From the graph, you can see the organic traffic recovery starting from March 2023, with consistent growth leading to a significant rise in visitors. The B2B SaaS company successfully transitioned from struggling with low traffic to achieving sustained organic growth for many high-value topics and keywords.

B2B SaaS Topical Map and Organic Traffic Growth 2-year Chart

Key Takeaways

This B2B SaaS company’s recovery story highlights the power of a well-structured topical map, content audit and strategy. Our Topical Authority Map Package combined with our Content Audit, Internal Linking Audit, and Content Strategy services were instrumental in their journey back to the top.

If your business wants to improve your online presence, our tailored topical maps, audits, and content strategies can help. We ensure that your content remains relevant, authoritative, and optimized for your users to be seen as a topical authority.

Are you ready to start growing your organic traffic?

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