Case Study: Financial Software’s 300% Organic Traffic Recovery

Case Study: Financial Software’s 300% Organic Traffic Recovery

We worked with a popular financial software company to help them recover from the adverse effects of recent Google updates. They were experiencing significant drops in organic traffic and needed a strategic approach to regain their online presence and visibility. Our Topical Authority Map Package and Content Audit Strategy provided the solution they needed.

Client Background

Our client, a leading financial software provider, originally had great organic traffic, peaking at about 1 million organic visitors per month in December 2021 to January 2022. But they faced challenges due to Google updates that significantly impacted their organic traffic. In April 2023, right after another they were hit by another Google update, they approached for assistance.

We started by understanding their brand and customers, analyzing their current content, internal linking, and site structure. A comprehensive analysis was essential to crafting a tailored topical map and content strategy.

Financial Software Company Organic Traffic Hit by Twice by Google Updates

Discovery and Strategy Development

To create an effective topical map and strategy, we needed to understand the client’s unique value propositions, target audience, and business goals. This understanding was crucial for developing a topical map that would guide the restructuring of their content and internal links.

The topical map we created focused on their core topics, identifying topical gaps and opportunities for improvement. It provided a clear roadmap for content creation, optimization, and internal linking strategies.

Implementation and Growth

We implemented our structured approach to help the financial software company recover their organic traffic. This process involved an initial analysis, followed by the creation and execution of a comprehensive topical map. Here’s how we did it:

Phase 1: Initial Brand Analysis

We began with a thorough understanding of the client’s brand, customers, and current website structure. This phase was crucial to lay the groundwork for the following steps.

  • Focus: Understanding brand, customers, current content, internal linking, and site structure.
  • Outcome: Identified the core topics that the client needed to cover for complete topical coverage if they wanted to be a topical authority.

Phase 2: Topical Map Creation

With the insights from the initial analysis, we created a detailed topical map. This map organized the core topics, main topics, subtopics into a topical hierarchy and provided a strategy for structuring content. The topics were organized in a way that search engines and users would be able to easily navigate the site and its content.

  • Focus: Organizing topics and strategic content structuring.
  • Outcome: Improved internal linking, optimized content, and targeted new content creation.

Phase 3: Existing Site and Content Optimization

This phase involved creating suggestions analyzing the existing content and site structure to create optimization suggestions that align with the new topical map. This analysis helped us pinpoint weaknesses, keyword and topic cannibalization, and opportunities for better internal linking and content optimization.

  • Focus: Enhancing current content, refining internal links, and ensuring SEO best practices.
  • Outcome: Enhanced content quality, stronger internal linking, and improved search engine rankings.

Our internal process helped ensure that the content was well-linked, relevant, and authoritative.

Organic Traffic Surge

The results were remarkable. After implementing our recommendations and the new topical map, the client saw a significant increase in organic traffic. Despite the challenges posed by the recent Google updates, their traffic not only stabilized but also started to climb steadily. The strategic topical and content organization led to a substantial increase in user engagement and conversions.

Financial Software Company Showing when Started with Topical Map

From the graph, you can see the organic traffic recovery starting from June 2023, with consistent growth leading to a significant rise in visitors. The financial software company successfully transitioned from struggling with Google updates to achieving sustained organic growth.

Key Takeaways

This financial software company’s recovery story highlights the power of a well-structured topical map and content strategy. That all begins with understanding the brand, the target audience, and both of their goals. In an ever-changing SEO landscape, our Topical Authority Map was instrumental in their journey back to the top.

Are you ready to recover your lost traffic and boost your online presence? Order a topical map to start your journey toward sustainable growth and success.

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